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The Bizpat; Not a traveler. Not an expat. But never at home.

(By John Studd) John Studd is a Canadian businessman and journalist travelling throughout the world, writing down his experiences in corporate housing and extended stays and publishing it here at more

The Bizpat Part 2: Driven to Distraction

(By John Studd) Throughout the numerous business trips I am compelled to embark on every year, I have learned many valuable lessons, not the least of which is this: Try, at all costs, to avoid any place more

The Bizpat Part 4: Yes, but what about my toiletries?

(By John Studd) Hanging around the bored confusion of Heathrow Airport on August 10, conversations swirled around the war in Iraq, U.S. foreign policy, flight cancellations and updates, and of course the more

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Temporary Corporate Housing in Nebraska
Furnished Apartments and Suites

SuiteNet members in Nebraska provide temporary furnished corporate housing in the following cities:

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